Monday, August 28, 2017

Information report

For a couple of weeks, Te Ngahere has been writing Information reports about one country. The country I chose was Russia. We did this by watching a couple of videos of how to write one. Then after we chose 3 to 4 subtopics. I chose 4 sub topics. The topics I chose were the population, the variety of foods, their sports and their dangerous animals.


Did you know that Russia has had lots of historic events since the year 1870. Today I am going to write information report about russia’s Foods , Sports, Population and animals.

Russia is a very big country. In fact Russia is the  largest country in the world. Russia has a population 143,375,006 people. THAT is A LOT OF PEOPLE. Russia is 17000 square miles long. THAT IS LONG!!  

Russia has a lot of sports. Some sports that I haven't heard of in my life. For example  one of the sports is Bandy. That is a funny name for sport. (In a nice way) Bandy is russian sport known as russian hockey. It is also known for a national sport. Russians play more sports like Volleyball, Rugby, Weightlifting and heaps more. They have over 20 sports

Russian’s enjoy a different variety of  foods. They eat scraps of meat, veggies and turn it into a very nice food. The most popular food their is soup (Borscht) That is also made from meat and veggies. The is also one of russia’s  famous pies called kulebiaka. It's a Pie filled with Egg, Meat ,Chicken and Cabbage.

Some russian animal are very dangerous. This is including    the grey wolf  ,The Wild Boar and the Lynk. The Russian animals have some discrete habitats. Like the lynx it lives in boreal forests, The grey wolf lives caves in rainforest. And finally, the wild boar lives in tropical rain forests .

There are many things to do in Russia that I just told you about. There animals are very dangerous, There food is made from  food  scraps, Russia is the most biggest country in the world, They have 143,375,006 people in the country and they have had historic events going since the year 1870.  


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maths goals

Last week in Te Ngahere Were Identify what we have achieved in maths and our next learning steps. We did this by getting our maths goals of an Ikan sheet. After that we put it on a google drawing. We would have to put the example of the goal that we chose.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Writing Goals

Last week Te Ngahere were learning to identify their new learning goals in writing.  How we did this is we selected the goals from last term that we didn't achieve. Then after that we would look on the writing rubric against a piece of writing we did. The main goals we were looking at were organisation and sentence structure. After  the teacher would check it we would put it on a google drawing and decorate it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My learning

On monday we started a google drawing that represented how our learning is going in school. The Topics I chose were Writing, Reading and inquiry. I was learning to share my learning with my whanau, but unfortunately I could not make it to Student Led Conferences. So I Will have to show my family at home. (Links are on the picture) (:

Mr. Lindsay's Holiday

 Mr Lindsay once went on a very big holiday. So he gave us the task to create a google drawing and draw lines from every place he went to. We also had to link from all the exiting places he went to.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Last week on Thursday some of the students from Paihia School woke up really in the morning to see the stars that represent Matariki. Then they came back to have a really nice breakfast. Whaea Chrissy, Mrs. Pou, Ezra, Noah, Izaiah and I were cooking breackfast. When the day started we went to our whare. After that we headed back to our classes to do some art. Then Alexsi, Lucy and I made some delicious pancakes.

Monday, July 3, 2017


Last Friday, Some of our students went to represent our school at the Maromaku Sports Day. The girls played net ball, and the boys rugby, some girls played rugby as well. We had a mixed team of Paihia and Russell. We had 4 whole games of rugby. Unfortunately we lost all our games. At the end of the day we still remained champions.